• 14+ years in financial markets

  • Managed hedge fund portfolios for institutional investors

  • Specialization in risk management and incorporating alternative strategies into traditional portfolios

Equable Shares mutual funds are managed by Teramo Advisors, an investment firm specializing in defensive strategies



Full Bio

Full Bio


Danielle Binnette
Senior Analyst

Danielle Binnette serves as a Senior Analyst for Teramo Advisors. 


Danielle's background is in Sales and Operations. Prior to joining Teramo Advisors as the firm's Senior Analyst in October 2021, Danielle served as a VP of Sales for Vector97 - a waste broker focused on containing customer’s costs and capturing, analyzing, and optimizing invoice and sustainability data.  While at V97, Danielle was responsible for forging and maintaining new and existing customer relationships as well as restructuring the sales process.


Prior to Danielle’s move to Operations and Sales, she worked at the IIAA in London supporting operations and customer service.


Danielle earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Southern California.