Full Bio

Full Bio

  • 20+ years of sales and marketing experience

  • Experience across major asset classes in both traditional and alternative strategies

  • Expertise with a wide range of investment vehicles

John Amabile
Managing Director, Sales
  • 14+ years in financial markets

  • Managed hedge fund portfolios for institutional investors

  • Specialization in risk management and incorporating alternative strategies into traditional portfolios

  • 33+ years in financial markets

  • Founded two hedge funds focused on volatility arbitrage

  • Served as CEO at an institutional brokerage firm

  • Advised trading firms on business formation and product creation

Ronald A. Santella
Founder, CEO & CIO
Eric Latin
Chief Operating Officer

Equable Shares mutual funds are managed by Teramo Advisors, an investment firm specializing in defensive strategies



Full Bio

Full Bio

  • 15+ years of investment and compliance experience

  • Designed and managed compliance programs for investment firms

  • Experience with SEC and regulatory examinations

Doug Tyre
Chief Compliance Officer
Cipperman Compliance Services

Doug Tyre

Chief Compliance Officer

(Cipperman Compliance Services)

Mr. Tyre has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. After beginning his career in operations and client service at The Vanguard Group, Morgan Stanley, and Invesco, he joined Echo Point Investment Management in 2010, where he assumed operational and compliance responsibiltiies. In 2014, Mr. Tyre joined Cipperman Compliance Services, where he is responsible for the design and day-to-day management of investment compliance programs.

Mr. Tyre earned a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and a Masters of Business Administration from Villanova University.